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Shun Cheong is currently holding the following companies :
  1. Shun Cheong Trading Co Ltd
  2. Yeung Yiu Chung Investment Co Ltd
  3. Chuck Kee Investment Co Ltd
  4. Luen Woo Cheong Investment Co Ltd
  5. Hing Kee Development Co Ltd
  6. Behoof Co Ltd
  7. Shun Cheong Properties Management Ltd
  8. Shun Hei Properties Limited
Among which Shun Cheong Trading Co Ltd has the longest history, established by founder Mr Yeung Yiu Chung in 1955.
The group owns industrial and commercial buildings, situated on both Hong Kong and Kowloon sides.
Besides rental units for business, the group owns lots of residential units and parking spaces for lease.
The group is currently backed by a strong workforce to cope with day-to-day operations and provide quality management services to the tenants.

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